Ella Littwitz

Kwisatz Haderach

The Unknown Land Of The South

IItchy Sharqiya

"for the glory of the nation"

In Situ, Ex Situ, Non Situ

Seam ReZone


Uproot - book

Untitled (Concrete)

"No Vestige of a Beginning, No Prospect of an End"


What there is/ What is there?


Hollow Heart

Corpus Alienum



Installations view

When a Storm Strikes Partridge, 2009


Untitled (Sheet), 2009

Archival pigment print, 200X150 cm


In 1948, during the Israeli Independence war, a bullet that was fired from an Egyptian aircraft penetrated a sheet that was folded in a bag of a “Palmach” veteran (the precursor of the Israel Defence Forces).