Ella Littwitz

The Promise

And a third of the waters became wormwood

Harlan Levey and Laura Brown -  English

The Elephant in the Room

"And a third of the waters became wormwood"

No Vestige of a Beginning, No Prospect of an End


Charlotte Jansen, Elephant -  English

Kwisatz Haderach

huck magazine


Interview by Marta Bausells -  English

The Unknown Land Of The South

IItchy Sharqiya

Everybody Knows That the Boat is Leaking


Yara Sonseca Mas  - Spanish, English

"for the glory of the nation"

In Situ, Ex Situ, Non Situ



Seamus Kealy  - German, English

Seam ReZone


Do You Speak Synergy?


Harlan Levey & Denis Maksimov

Uproot - book

Untitled (Concrete)



Ghila Limon and Tal Bechler - English, Hebrew


What there is/ What is there?

Cabinets of Wonder in Contemporary Art – From Astonishment to Disenchantment


Daria Kaufmann - English, Hebrew


mujeres mirando mujeres - Vanessa H. Sánchez MIRANDO A Ella Littwitz - Spanish

Hollow Heart

Habit/ At - Boaz Levin

Corpus Alienum



Installations view