Ella Littwitz

Untitled (Concrete), 2015

Iron, iron ore and a paper

Photos by Tim Bowditch


“There must arise a generation which has neither interests nor habits. A piece of iron without a crystallized form. Iron, from which everything that the national machine requires should be made. Does it require a wheel? Here I am. A nail, a screw, a girder? Here I am. Police? Doctors? Actors? Water carriers? Here I am. I have no features, no feelings, no psychology, no name of my own . . . prepared for everything, bound to nothing. Having one imperative: Build! ”


Although this quote is associated with Ze'ev Jabotinsky, these are the words of Joseph Trumpeldor ​from​ a talk both had in Chelsea, London, midsummer 1916.


Jabotinsky and Trumpeldor were two Zionist activists of Russian origin and the co-founders of the Jewish Legion -​ which they wished to ​be the independent military force of the new state of Israel.